I am a 30-something wife and mother of four daughters. We adopted our two oldest daughters when they were 5 and 8; they are now teenagers. Our oldest biological daughter will start Kindergarten next year, and our youngest is enjoying preschool.

First I am a Christian. Then a wife, a mother, a photographer and graphic designer, artist and crafter. I’m sure there is more about me, but you can learn it as you read along.

*I did have someone ask why I chose not to write about my older girls on this blog, and I feel I need to share that here… I used to read a blog by a man who would not write about his kids once they turned 6 because he felt it then began to invade their privacy. I feel like at 6 it’s still my story, but once they hit the teens it’s their story, and it’s not my place to write about it. It’s just not my story anymore. Also, I’m not homeschooling them, and this is primarily a homeschool blog. And I’m pretty sure anything I said would humiliate them, even if it was positive, because they are teens. So I will just be writing about the little ones in this space.


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