A new rhythm.

We’ve finally found our groove! I’m still learning to separate the homeschool-in-my-head from actual reality, but I think we’re close! (In my dream world, we’d attend a Sudbury Valley type school, but at home, which will never actually happen.)

Anyway, my husband is a fan of curriculum, but he isn’t here all day teaching them. I’m more child-led / unschool brained, but understand his points of why he likes curriculum. So we’ve found a hybrid that eases both our minds, and still lets the kids be in charge of their own education. Here’s what our days currently look like…

Breakfast / Morning Basket
Our morning basket includes:
– The girls’ AWANA books. Grace copies the verse(s) she’s learning into her writing journal and we say them together. I read Joy’s story and verse to her and then she works on her handwriting on a dry erase tracing mat.
– Grace’s Math Journal, I print out mini books or other free printables I find online or at Teachers Pay Teachers and we tape them in.
– Spelling work. I picked up a first grade spelling book at a yard sale for maybe $1 and we’ve been using it.
– Nature Journals.
– Sketch Pads.

After breakfast and morning work the girls play. Usually legos, some sort of pretending (dress up, cooking in the play kitchen, etc.) or we go outside and explore.

Lunch / Math and Phonics
After lunch Grace works on her math (Rod & Staff Grade 1, though we still use the Spielgaben and Khan Academy – maybe I haven’t really found a groove for math yet, but we’re getting there!) then we move to the couch for phonics and reading.

After reading they play some more. Outdoor play almost always morphs into some kind of science lesson. (Like finding three swallowtail caterpillars on our parsley that we brought inside to observe. We just released two of the butterflies and are waiting on the third to emerge from its chrysalis.) We also have a geography station in our play area inside that they sometimes utilize, but geography and history usually weaves itself through whatever interest Grace has. Somewhere in there we practice piano.

Most days vary in what’s going on around here, but I’m trying to stick to a routine. Not a schedule, I can’t do those. But after meals is working for us, because we’re already seated together and it seems to create a natural flow. I’ve learned too much of a schedule makes everyone frustrated, and my goal at this stage is for them to love learning. I don’t care what they learn, as long as they learn to learn and keep the wonder going. They are both so curious we don’t have much of a problem with that so far.


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