Goings on.

Once again, I am behind on the blogging. Sigh.

I used to keep a journal, as a kid into teens into young adult, and at some point I stopped writing. I’m trying to get back to that, pen and paper. But I don’t want to lose this method of record keeping in the process. I’ll update what’s been going on ASAP! We had a unit on penguins / Antarctica, which led us to Australia (since Grace’s favorite penguins were Fairy Penguins, which live in Australia), and now we’ve moved into a spring nature study. Both girls are obsessed with identifying every bird nest we find in our yard (so far three robins, a mourning dove, and what we think is a brown thrasher) and planning and planting our garden.

Somewhere in all this, my dad was diagnosed with dementia / Alzheimer’s. So I’ve been wrestling with that. One of our older girls is graduating high school. I had another round of school portraits to photograph and fulfill parent orders. There is just a lot going on!

I attended my first homeschool convention with a friend and we had a great time and brought home tons of information that I have yet to find time to sort through. I’ve been planning and replanning for next year, and thinking ahead beyond that. Grace is going to continue at her cottage school next year two days a week for first grade, so we’re going to do another child-led unit study year, with a possible math curriculum thrown in. For second grade I’m leaning toward Memoria Press and the Classical method, which I’m sure I’ll adapt and possibly merge with some of Charlotte Mason’s ideas. We’ll always be a mix around here. I’m not good at following a set plan. And I’m ok with that!


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