The Mitten: Day 3

I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the fact that I’m a photographer and these pictures are terrible. If you don’t know me in person you are probably doubting that I’m actually a photographer!

Moving on…

The other day Grace gave me LOTS of homework. Here are a few examples of things she came up with on her own for me to do:

She drew snowballs, asked me to count them and then circle the largest number and X out the smallest number.



We made some play dough with glitter in it to look like snow. The girls have brought it out every day (even over the weekend) and love setting up scenes in it!

I’ll link back as soon as I remember where I found this printable – but we did some sequencing with The Mitten in this little book. Lots of coloring, cut and paste and writing along with putting things in the correct order! The girls loved this. 





Grace copied her bible verse again (You shall love your neighbor as yourself) and then made a pattern with blue and purple snowflakes in her math journal.

And as much as I dislike (okay, hate) math, I love our math journal. I find things online or make up prompts, print them on mailing labels and stick them on the top of the page. We’re still playing and learning with our Spielgaben set, but we do the journals every day Grace is home for school, and also continue our calendar binder. I never thought math would be my favorite subject, but right now it is, possibly because it ties in with other things – sequencing with The Mitten, play/art with Spielgaben, etc.

Grace has also taken off with weaving. I’ll have to remember to snap a photo of that. I love that she loves yarn! Yay!


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