Monday, Monday.

I’ll be honest, most Mondays around my house feel like this:

At least we’re allowed to leave the house. But we usually don’t.

Yesterday my kids slept until 9:30 (yes, NINE THIRTY!!!!) which means I also slept until 9:30. I am not a morning person, and I’m not sure if it’s in my kids’ DNA or if I’ve trained them to also hate waking up. But we usually wake, plop on the couch in front of an (educational) tv show to eat breakfast and don’t talk to each other until we’re more friendly. It’s really best for everyone’s sanity.

Monday is housework day. I tend to ignore everything all weekend and then realize I can’t walk through my house on Monday morning. I do a few loads of laundry and sort straight from the dryer throughout the week, and then Monday comes. I typically do four loads of laundry in the morning/early afternoon, and work lessons in between. Grace has piano lessons right up the street not long after lunch, so when we get home we fold all the laundry and clean the bedrooms. This job was especially exciting this week since I had ignored their bedrooms since before Christmas. The new things they decided to hoard for themselves instead of putting on a common shelf to share had piled up. (And really, Grace? Do you have to keep the stocking stuffer Frozen Band-Aids in your room instead of in the first aid box? Sigh.)

But her room doesn’t look like this anymore:


Grace has started a cottage school two days a week. She was begging for school, and as a photographer my busiest season is September-December. I was growing weary of staying up until 3am to get work done. It’s working for us so far. It’s not labeled as a “Montessori” school, but most of their approaches are almost identical to what we’ve been doing at home and her teacher is fantastic. She’s in a primary class, K-1 together, with maybe 15 kids in it. They group them by ability rather than age for small group reading, which is also great. It’s Christian-based and surrounded by nature.

With the cottage school, our themes/unit studies are spread out over two weeks now at home. We read The Mitten over the weekend, and are using that as our current theme. Yesterday we read a lot of library books that go with the theme (and a couple other Jan Brett books, which the kids noticed right away have the same format as The Mitten with the foreshadowing on the illustrations on the outside edge of the pages) and I’m pulling together activities now.

We had neglected our phonics book since Grace took off reading so well, but are back at it. Actually, Christmas Day we picked it back up when Grace got in bed and begged to do her “reading book” at 8pm. Homeschool doesn’t take breaks people.

I also made a point to plan out her writing and math journal. Yesterday’s writing journal was copy work of the verse “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” since the animals in The Mitten would surely have eaten each other in real life and they were so neighborly in The Mitten, letting everyone squeeze in there.


The math journal was just a quick subtraction problem: I had 6 mittens. I lost 4. How many mittens do I have left?


While Grace was working on her journals, Joy was busy on a Christmas gift I picked up at TJ Maxx for a few bucks – Melissa & Doug’s Tape Activity Book. (And yes, I did let her have scissors again even though she cut her own hair a couple of weeks ago.)



Oh, and yesterday was our 100th day of school! I’m not sure why I’m writing those down, because these kids want to learn everyday. But Grace seemed to be excited about it.


I am just as excited to get back into our routine, however relaxed it is.


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