Yes, that’s a long made up word.

This past week involved a lot of celebrating around here. (And a short break from “school,” though my children did still leave the splash park to watch a thousand ants attack a piece of candy, pull seeds from sunflowers and marigolds to save for next year, and their usual self-learning that goes on constantly with little ones.) 

August 6 is the day I started dating my husband – he was 14, I was 16 – 20 years ago. August 12 is the date we got married 6 years later. August 13 is Grace’s birthday. We had her party – 20 kids at our house – on August 16. 

So just a *wee bit* busy. 

We had also taken a break from unit studies and started using reading and math curriculum, which we will continue to use. But this week we are doing an About Me unit study since it’s a birthday month. We are also going to the State Fair this week (which is the PERFECT place to teach the five senses!) and talking about our family tree. I’m excited to get back into a routine! 


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