And we’re reading!

Grace can read! I have been loving homeschooling these last couple of weeks, but today rocked my socks off. We’ve been doing phonics for a while, but just started formally going through each letter and sounds (using The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Reading, coupled with A Beka’s A Handbook for Reading) and Grace just took off today. She even started picking up “easy” books around the house and reading them to me.

Somehow we have in our possession some old school reading textbooks, 1st grade level. She opened the first one and read the first three stories, with very little help. And it was really cool to see her figure out words based on the illustration. I asked how she knew the word “happy,” if she had sounded it out or looked at the picture and guessed, and she said, “a little bit of both!” Perfect!

I can’t wait to see what she does next – we have only learned the short vowel sounds, and consonants B and C. I was a very early reader, and have always loved to read, so I am so excited that she is also an eager reader! So much fun to experience with her!


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