Wrapping up the workbook.

I made the mistake of telling Grace that once we finish her workbook we are going to focus on learning to read. She is now – on her own, of course – doing 20+ pages a day in her workbook so that she finishes it this week and we can read on Monday. (She is also sleeping with the curriculum I chose to help teach her to read because she is so excited about it.)

Meanwhile, Joy has lost all interest in workbooks. Joy is two. I didn’t intend to even give her a workbook, but she wanted one after seeing Grace work on hers. I’d rather just play with her, so I’m kind of glad she ditched it.

We didn’t do a unit study this week. We’ve been playing around with the Spielgaben set, wrapping up workbooks, hanging out with friends at the pool, and dealing with a few family issues. It hasn’t really been a week “off,” but we’ve taken it easy. And there is always lots of reading!

Next week I’m going to start our reading curriculum. I’ve chosen The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading as my main resource, with several other books / ideas thrown in. Also the Spielgaben set came with TONS of lesson plans, inspiration cards and activities, so I’ve been sifting through those to start more formal play with the set next week as well.

I still plan on doing unit studies for science and history, and continuing to read lots of books on the topic of the week. But reading and math is going to be a little more structured, and taught in a way that engages both kids at once. I’ve been feeling a little like I am trying to teach them both separate things at the exact same time, so I’m looking forward to a method that connects us together a little more.


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