Bug Unit Study: Day 9 & 10

I’m not sure if this day counts as a bug study, but we did catch fireflies at dark.

My husband is off work every other Friday, so we took advantage of some time with daddy and walked across the river on a pedestrian bridge. We also visited a candy shop and got some treats!


20140718_112009    20140718_114247

We came home and had a visit from my mom. She bought Grace a back to school / birthday present that I have been coveting since I discovered it: a Spielgaben set! Grace immediately began to play with it, and to make her own patterns on the grid top. And it comes with hundreds of lesson plans and activities – I can’t wait to read through it all and start planning our year!




We had more visitors to our garden.


We ended the day catching fireflies.




Over the weekend, we finally talked the girls into taking the bee apart so that we could look at it through the microscope. Grace was so excited to see the wing – she said, “I knew it had lines in it when I saw it tiny!” I was able to take a pic with my phone through the microscope:



We made our own slides of the wing, leg and antennae. We were also able to see the head and eye, but I didn’t get a pic of anything else through the lens.


20140720_171859   20140720_172124

20140720_172152   20140720_173020


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