Bug Unit Study: Day 8

My girls love nature! They asked to play outside, and grabbed their butterfly nets again. Grace finally caught a butterfly! But they thought it was sad when the butterfly flew around trapped inside the net, and let it go quickly.



We hadn’t cleaned up Grace’s spider web from last night, and she asked if she could play with it some more after we read a few books. Today we are focusing on bees, so she decided to make a beehive.


The girls asked if they could look at the dead bee we found a few weeks ago. We started out with magnifying glasses, but I got the microscope out as well. The girls didn’t want to take the wings off the bees to make a slide, and I couldn’t see anything with the bee all in one piece, so we decided to wait for daddy to look at the bee under the microscope. The girls used tweezers to flip the bee over and see both sides.





Joy has not been interested in her workbook lately, and I have not been pushing it. (She’s only 2!) So while Grace did a few workbook pages Joy worked on a bee shape with pattern blocks.


Grace did another riddle page, and then asked to make the bee with pattern blocks.

20140717_143053   20140717_143336

Joy did some shape matching and then color matching while Grace worked on putting words in alphabetical order.




Both girls did a number order puzzle.




Then we headed back outside. Because, well, that’s where the bugs are!

The girls sat and watched a honeybee for a while.

20140717_162217    20140717_162222

Then we spotted this spider carrying an egg sac across our yard. I made sure the girls kept their distance (and this pic is zoomed in and then cropped, as I kept my distance too!) but it was cool to see for a few seconds. Although I have to admit I hope she went far into the woods before those babies were born.


We ended up watching another honeybee travel all over our sunflower hideout.



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