Bug Unit Study: Day 7

We started out the day reading books, and one of them mentioned a bug that sprays a vinegar-like smell to ward off predators. The girls asked what vinegar smells like, so we took a whiff. They didn’t think it smelled very good! However, another bug was described as feeling like velvet, so we touched one of Joy’s Christmas dresses from her closet and they did like that.


We did our work today in the living room floor, because I’m still working on the homeschool space. (My awesome husband is custom building shelves to hold our work trays! So excited!)


Grace worked on another page of her bug riddles. She really likes looking at book covers to see how to spell words correctly. Today we focused on spiders.


After reading The Very Busy Spider several times, Grace did this worksheet.


The girls both love to paint. I drew a spider web on paper with a white crayon and told them just to paint colors on the paper and see what hidden picture would appear. (Got the idea here.) They really liked this. Grace added a spider to her painting.




We headed outside again to play and see what bugs were in our garden today.

20140716_150639   20140716_150702

Our sunflower hideout is awesome! Other than the fact that it’s short on one side because the deer found it delicious.


We found a couple other critters in the sunflower hideout. The ladybug crawled onto my finger, and then up Grace’s arm.



The girls grabbed their nets and headed out chasing butterflies. (And pretending to be butterflies.)




While Joy was getting to sleep, Grace got out some of our loose part play materials. She had spent a very long time cutting up yarn a week or two ago, and got that out to make a web. Then bugs got caught in the web, and the spiders came (her words: a black widow, garden spider and golden orb weaver, since the play spiders were black, green and yellow). The she wrapped some of the bugs in yarn like a spider would in silk. I was impressed! She did all this on her own just to play.






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