Bug Unit Study: Day 4

Field Trip Friday!

Today we headed to a local park that I use for family and senior photos. I had a session a couple of weeks ago and saw tons of dragonflies so I wanted to show the girls. They were still everywhere! The girls took their cameras to photograph what we found. (I need to load their photos!) We wore our rainboots so they could splash in the creek – we even saw tadpoles and a crawdad!







The park has a hiking trail, so we went for a short walk before heading home. The girls hung out in the hammock a while after we read some books.


On the way home I had found a yard sale held by a group of retired teachers! Score! I bought lots of awesome things for our learning space, including laminated maps and posters for 10 cents each, base ten sets for a quarter each, and plenty of books. They mentioned that another friend was joining in the next day with more kindergarten items, so I went back Saturday morning to see what was new. I got two vinyl bean bag seats in great shape for $1 each! Grace rode with me, and on the way out of the garage we spotted a cicada shell. I picked it up to show Grace what it was and saw the cicada just a couple of feet away on the side of our house. It’s a good week to study bugs! The girls are loving it and I want to spend a day on ants and a day on ladybugs so we’re going to continue it next week also. Next Friday I’m planning to go on a hike at a local nature preserve that has lots of creeks and ponds, so we may close out bugs and introduce the next unit on lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds and the things that live there.




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