Bug Unit Study: Day 2

*I will edit this to update the post with links to the printables I used when I have a minute to look them up!*

We started moving into the new learning space today! It’s still a work in progress, and my awesome husband is custom making a shelving unit to hold our new work tray system. I had been feeling too “teachery” handing out papers and such, so I’m going to put their work on trays that they can grab themselves at their own pace. (The trays are just baking sheets from the dollar store.) We started with a sorting activity – which are insects and which are not.

20140709_131818    20140709_131944

This quickly morphed into a drawing activity (because my children LOVE art) and the girls traced and drew some of the bugs – their idea.


Grace’s bug:


Joy’s bug:


Grace worked on a riddle page, guessing the bug (caterpillar), drawing a picture and writing the word at the bottom. I am trying to get her to sound things out and see how she spells on her own since she knows letter sounds and is starting to read, but she is determined to “do it right” and knew the name of this book and copied the word “caterpillar.”


Joy worked on making a caterpillar with our wood pattern blocks. She did this all on her own!



I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Grace put the cards in order from the story. The ones I printed out did not have cards for every page, but she noticed I had another stack of cards set aside for the life cycle of the butterfly and asked to borrow them to add to the other cards. Then she colored the life cycle cards and put them in order. She mixed them up and put them in order a few times.


20140709_134148     20140709_135109

Joy colored and read a sight reader about counting butterflies.



Then Grace did an addition worksheet while Joy traced shapes. Both of them love doing these things!



Grace drew this then laughed aloud because she thought it was hilarious. She said, “I was supposed to match that, and it doesn’t look the same at all!” We will definitely be working on our symmetry!


Joy matched some nomenclature cards.


We counted by 2s with the help of some butterfly cards.


Grace had just as much fun playing with the new trays as anything else today!



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