Bug Unit Study: Day 1

My girls love nature, so most of our unit studies are geared toward the outdoors. We started by going on a bug hunt. The girls loaded up the wheelbarrow with all their bug gear (which, yes, we already had) and Grace put on her safari vest and into the backyard we went.


We started in the garden, where the beetles are eating up my green beans. I knew they would be there, and wanted to start the girls off with something easy. We caught the beetle in our cup with a magnifying glass on top, and then they wanted to transfer it to their own bug catchers. I told Grace that you could tell a bug was an insect if it had 6 legs, to which she replied, “spiders aren’t insects because arachnids have 8 legs.” I think maybe she should teach me the bug unit.




20140708_120818(0)    20140708_120907

We caught another bug that I never did identify, but that Joy was interested in…



Then found a daddy long-legs that the girls were excited to see up close.

20140708_122443   20140708_122454

The girls were so into bugs that when we went inside I came back from switching out the laundry to find them with a magnifying glass at the door.



We moved on to workbooks…


And the calendar binder. Every two weeks or so I have Grace draw a picture of her favorite thing we’ve done recently.

20140708_153900   20140708_153914

They had enjoyed the ice play so much over the weekend that I decided to do it again. This time I used primary colors and we did an experiment with color mixing as the ice melted together. They loved this!



20140708_161951    20140708_162017

20140708_163056    20140708_164656

While the ice was melting we played in the shade some more. Grace found a firefly out during the day, which she thought was hilarious.

20140708_164205    20140708_164219

20140708_164304    20140708_164312

Actually, I believe the firefly found her and flew directly into her face. She also had a butterfly land on her face for a second today – she said it was giving her kisses.


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