I bought this old typewriter at a thrift store, and the girls love typing on it. I really need to order some ribbon for it so they can see the letters at they type, but it’s still fun without paper!


Our oldest daughter had been out of town for the week, and my husband made a day trip to pick her up. The little ones and I had a blast! Inspired by this post, I froze some ice in different colors and shapes. We headed outside and the girls made designs on a cookie sheet.


20140704_150119(0)   20140704_150357


It was a warm day, so of course the ice started to melt. The girls asked for spoons to have pretend soup. This activity lasted almost an hour! They loved it!




We had some water gun fun and then Grace asked if she could plant a pinecone to see if it would grow. Well, sure. She decided to line it up with our other pine trees.



While Joy was going to sleep, Grace worked on her See & Spell puzzle and copied the words into her writing journal.


We had some fireworks also, but I haven’t had time to sort through those photos yet. (I used my professional camera for those pics, instead of the phone camera you see on here.)

The next morning we went to a local farm to pick blueberries. We got plenty to freeze!



Then we headed to grandma’s for a quick visit and some summer fun – eating peaches and blowing bubbles. It doesn’t get much better than that!




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