America Mini Unit Study: Day 3

The morning started with my husband pressure washing the deck. He made a lovely fountain for the girls to play in. Joy was scared of the noise and wouldn’t go out, but Grace was all about it.

20140703_130804    20140703_130803

Once I got Grace back inside, she worked on tracing The Pledge of Allegiance while Joy put flags in order from smallest to largest.




The girls both worked on sorting stars in different shades of red or blue from lightest to darkest. Joy asked for glue and paper so she could glue hers down, and then Grace had to do the same. They also did a USA-themed counting worksheet with dot markers.



We moved on to the calendar binder and workbooks.

20140703_134325     20140703_134852

Next we did a fun science experiment: Fireworks in a jar! The girls loved it so much we did it twice!

20140703_140427     20140703_140506


20140703_141133     20140703_141159


Our neighborhood puts out flags for patriotic holidays, and the girls decided to stop and say the Pledge of Allegiance when they saw it.


Grace and I took a walk around the yard while my husband helped Joy to sleep tonight. She heard lots of different bird calls, and we had great conversations walking around the yard and as I pushed her on the swing. Sometimes with both kids I forget how important the one-on-one time is, and how amazing each child is on their own. (I’ve noticed myself saying “the girls” so often on this blog already!) It was nice to have even a few minutes to wind down with my sweet 4-year-old.

And we finally finished The Long Winter! Grace was so eager to finish it we read four chapters tonight, and the first chapter of the next book, Little Town on the Prairie.



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