America Mini Unit Study: Day 2

Before we even got dressed this morning Grace had completed her states puzzle once and started reading through our Scholastic Sight Word Readers. She was reading them aloud to herself and did great! I was impressed, especially since she had self-initiated.


Then we made some patterns with colored craft sticks. (I wish I could remember where I found these pattern templates to give credit.)


20140702_101733     20140702_102343

I decided to focus on coins today, since they have historical American landmarks and presidents pictured on them. (For our USA theme!) We tried some coin rubbings with colored pencils, but they did not turn out very well. The girls got frustrated with the process so we moved on to this coin toss game. They LOVED this!



I had them say the name of each coin before throwing it into/at the hoop, and of course Grace kept track of how many she got in the circle. And they actually had fun cleaning up! We played this at least three times, with lots of coins. After the second game, I showed them how to count coins. (I explained “one cent,” and then used 5 pennies to make a nickel, 10 pennies / 2 nickels to make a dime, etc. and kept adding to the rows.) Then I asked them to show me two ways to make five cents, and they were both able to!

After that we did a do-a-dot flag printable. And again, I cannot remember where I found this, but I will edit this post and link to it tomorrow when I have time to look.


We went over the 50 states, Grace took her lift-a-flap state book to read in the car on the way to the post office, and we worked on our calendar binder and workbooks.

We had a fun playdate this afternoon, and painted outside for a while. Grace painted a bird nest with three robin eggs in a tree. Joy painted lots of beautiful colors, but I did not take a photo! Oops!

20140702_140304     20140702_135814

We also worked on some random spelling at the dinner table since Grace likes to ask us how to spell words all the time.

And Grace and I have almost finished reading The Long Winter (in The Little House series). Four chapters to go! I can’t believe she’s paid attention this long, but I love our bedtime ritual.


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