Farm Unit Study: Day 5

This morning we woke up and headed to a nearby farm/petting zoo. We took a few carrots from our own garden that the deer had gotten a headstart on, and also some cheerios for the ducks. Here is a glimpse of our morning:

20140627_111001    20140627_112340

20140627_112739    20140627_113048








We got home and completed our calendar binder and a few worksheets that I had neglected the last couple of days. Grace did great adding and subtracting! Worksheets found here.


20140627_143741    20140627_143735

She also completed a dot-to-dot with numbers to 30 (I did not correct her barn mistake).


Joy and I worked on a puzzle while Grace was doing worksheets. The puzzle had a cow riding a bike on it (which you can’t see in this photo, sorry!) and we had just read Duck on a Bike, so the girls thought it was hilarious.


I helped Grace sound out beginning sounds on these words and she matched them to the animal. (She read “pig” and “cow” on her own, sounded D in duck and H in horse, and I helped her with the blend sounds, Ch and Sh.) Worksheet found here.


We did a classifying worksheet on living and non-living things on the farm. I cut the pictures into strips and then let Grace cut them apart. Worksheet found here. She did this one all on her own once I gave her directions. Joy wanted to cut too once she saw that Grace had scissors.

20140627_142114    20140627_142359




Joy requested a do-a-dot sheet, and then Grace wanted one as well. Grace chose to make a red/red/blue pattern.



And as always we did lots of reading! I had a few other activities in mind, but think we’ll call it a week on this unit. Next week I’m planning to focus on America and the 50 states since Independence Day is coming up. Grace has had the 50 states memorized for a while thanks to this catchy tune!


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