Farm Unit Study: Day 4

Today we completely went off on a tangent, which I loved!

A few weeks ago, I purchased lots of manipulatives/toys at a yard sale for a preschool that was relocating. I’ve been bringing out a few things at a time, but found *a piece of dirt that shall remain nameless but is evidence the school was old and had critters* at the bottom of one of the boxes. So I went into hyperdrive this morning and we began washing other things I had bought there. The girls got in on the fun, of course. We washed and rinsed them, set them in the sun to dry and then put them back in our fabric bin. The girls helped me sort the types of toy, and then sort the small cubes into like colors and put them together. One bin down, more to go.

20140626_111034    20140626_123718


While the toys were drying, I set out this invitation to play. Initially I set out the basket and craft sticks, but they didn’t get into it, so I built a fence. This one didn’t last very long.


We headed outside for most of the day. We started out by checking our sunflower hideout to see if the deer had eaten any more of our plants. (I am a little frustrated with those deer! The girls have been so careful and patient, and if these flowers get eaten instead of blooming they are going to be upset!) Grace decided to measure herself and see which sunflowers were taller than her, and then of course Joy had to follow suit.

20140626_124445   20140626_124459

On our way in to get a few of our farm books the girls opened the sand and water table. I remembered that I had bought some funnels and grabbed those and measuring cups for them to explore with. I forgot to tell Joy to watch where the bottom of the funnel was aiming, and she poured water all in the sand!

20140626_124857   20140626_124901

We headed for our reading spot, and Grace brought her own book out to “read” while Joy and I climbed into the hammock. Grace joined us pretty quickly once she heard me reading.

20140626_125358   20140626_125405

This is our view while we’re reading. I could try to invent ways to stay here all day.


Grace discovered a lightning bug and was amazed it was out during the day.


Then we read Weaving a Rainbow by George Ella Lyon. Grace asked if we could weave with yarn. (I am a bit of a craft hoarder and usually have anything on hand that we need for spontaneous art time.) We made a loom out of craft sticks and cotton, and I cut lengths of ribbon – saw the idea here a while ago – and taught Grace what to do while Joy followed along.



20140626_141543    20140626_141747


Joy took a detour to climb our log circle. She usually asks for help (me holding her hand) but this time did it all by herself. She was so proud!

20140626_142011   20140626_142014

Grace kept at her weaving, and asked me after every row if it was right. She would hide it behind her back and then reveal it very excitedly! I hated having to tell her when she had done a row wrong, but she was intent on getting it perfect. (You can see the earlier rows she didn’t get it *exactly* right, which did not bother me, but did bother her.) I always asked her if she was sure she wanted to take it out and try again or just keep going, and she always said take it out.

20140626_143126    20140626_144815

20140626_144508    20140626_144238


I watered the garden while the girls played, and then they asked me to spray them with the hose. I turned it on “mist” and a rainbow immediately appeared – what a great way to tie in our book Weaving the Rainbow! So the girls played in rainbows for a while. This first photo makes it look like Joy has magical powers! (And yes, Grace was still carrying her weaving around.)



We didn’t get to workbooks today, but definitely talked colors and math all day, and did lots and lots of reading. That is my preference – the girls asked for workbooks and we had some on hand (most were gifts from grandparents) so we use them – but I’m still working on finding a happy medium somewhere between unschool / Charlotte Mason / Classical. Does that exist?


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