Farm Unit Study: Day 3

This morning I set up an invitation to play with play-doh, farm animal cookie cutters and alphabet stamps. I thought it would take about 20 minutes, if that, but they played with this for almost an hour!

20140625_090343   20140625_090710



One of our colors of play-doh hadn’t been opened before, and Grace was excited that it was “a cylinder.”


Then they brought the scissors out to cut the play-doh. This activity went on and on…


20140625_092105  20140625_092117

The girls must have been in creative mode, because they asked for paper and markers once we put the play-doh away. I also got out the oil pastels.


We met my husband for lunch today, and ran a few errands. Once we got home, we read some books in the hammock. Then I had Grace read to me from her sight word readers.

At some point while carrying around a rubber snake (her new favorite toy, ugh) Grace remembered a book on her bookshelf had the exact same snake in it. It has a page in the back that pulls out and she measured to see if her rubber snake was longer than the book. It was! (Even though the one in the book is not out straight – but with Joy’s help it was difficult to try and curl up the snake to see.)


We sat around the hula hoop with The Helpful Garden’s Where Things Come From cards. I showed them the cards, and then asked them to help me put them in order and match which product came from which source after introducing them once.

20140625_154547   20140625_154638

We did our calendar binder and workbooks. (The oval page is Joy’s, she did alright for a two-year-old!)

20140625_155317   20140625_155453

Grace also did a dot-to-dot with a farm animal theme from a book we have. My husband got home and sang Old McDonald Had a Farm with the girls using this printable from Buggy and Buddy. It was great!

I also forgot to mention that last night we curled up on the couch and watched Charlotte’s Web. We are loving the farm unit!

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