Farm Unit Study: Day 2

I should preface all posts with this disclaimer: I am NOT, in any way, a morning person. We don’t get school going until at least 10 am, and most days honestly it’s after lunch. The weather gets so hot in the afternoons that I let them play outside in the mornings while it’s cool enough and then we move indoors for lunch and learning. My children are 2 and 4, so once they get older and need more time for “school” we might try to become morning people. But that’s the beauty of homeschool – we don’t have to be!

Today Grace has been obsessed with her Hooked on Phonics app. (It was offered free one day, and we downloaded it – thankful for friends who share that information!) She had a goal of getting to Unit 5 today, and there was no stopping her. I’ve researched the Hooked on Phonics curriculum, because I think the app is supplemental and I’d like the workbooks to go with it, but I can’t find enough information to take the leap. I’m going to head to my local used homeschool curriculum shop tomorrow (love that we have that here!) and see if they have one I can look at in person to make sure it all matches up. The app is pretty comprehensive, so it may be ok just letting her “play her game” for now. I do feel a bit guilty that an old iPod is teaching her to read, but she seriously will not put “her game” down, and if she’s learning I’m ok with that. I’m not a huge fan of screens on a regular basis, but the child is reading aloud so I’m letting her run with it today. I do listen to her read the books on her own before moving on to a new level and we read together often, so it’s not like that’s all the literacy interaction she gets. We are big readers around here.

I did get her to stop long enough to do some painting this morning. Joy worked on some shapes that we glued into a tractor later in the day, while Grace just painted. (Shape Tractor from 2 Teaching Mommies On the Farm unit.)


20140624_101220 20140624_101508



We let the paint dry, and later in the day I helped her glue the pieces where they are supposed to go, hand over hand. I probably should have let her do it on her own, but she was really all over the place. She’s tall for her age, and sometimes I forget she’s only two. We discussed the shapes as she put the glue on and she knew where to glue them on the template, she just had a hard time getting them there.

After painting we moved to the table to play with Melissa and Doug Farm Blocks. My mother purchased these for Joy at some point, and the girls love them!


Some of the pieces go together a certain way, so it was hard for them to share and build on their own. Grace decided to let Joy build, and we worked on her calendar binder. Then we moved on to this addition activity from Kamp Kindergarten, which she LOVED. She used the abacus to find the answers, recorded them in her math journal, then clipped a clothespin on the correct answer.


20140624_110536   20140624_110604



Joy wanted to clip the cards too. Even though she wasn’t doing the math, this was a fun fine motor activity! She even asked me to take her picture.


Eventually Joy asked for the other pink bowl she saw I had prepared, so she ended up matching animals. (Found here.) I had prepared this for Grace (or I wouldn’t have cut the words off the animals to match up) but I told Joy the names on the cards and she laid them with the correct animal. Then she got out our farm animal basket and started matching up the animals. We didn’t have all of them, so we dug into the Little People to find the donkey (from the Nativity set) and a chick.




We did lots of reading this afternoon and ignored our workbooks. Here are the books we have on hand this week. Some are ours, and some belong to the library.


The girls’ favorite so far is Rosie’s Walk. It’s a great book to ask questions throughout, especially “what do you think will happen when the fox ______?” Loved it! My personal favorite was All the Places to Love. I grew up visiting my grandparents’ farm, and this book is written and illustrated beautifully.

We also watched Magic School Bus: Cracks a Yolk after reading Where Do Chicks Come From?

The girls found a drawing book of farm animals that I thought was too advanced for them, but they attempted it anyway. Not too bad!


Grace has said for a while that when she grows up she wants to be a farmer. So a lot of our learning today came from conversations about what she thinks farmers do, and all the different kinds of farms there are. (Hers will have animals, she says.)

Tomorrow I’m hoping to focus more on mother/baby animal pairs, and also how we use what comes from the farm along with our regular workbooks and child-led natural learning.


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