Farm Unit Study: Day 1

Today I started the girls off with a farm sensory play activity. I love Melissa & Doug toys, but I also love the wooden boxes they come in! I filled one of them with oats and gave the girls our farm animal toobs and let them have at it. They played for a while, then found their scoopers and filled the empty containers with oats. (I vacummed three times today, this being the first – if you don’t like a mess, I would not recommend this activity! We don’t mind messes around here.)

20140623_121014  20140623_121020


Grace caught up on her writing journal (we neglected it last week) while Joy played with the abacus I just found at a consignment store.


We moved on to some spelling from 2 Teaching Mommies’ On the Farm printables. The girls loved it! Grace begs to “play” Bananangrams all the time, so this was right up her alley. She and Joy both spelled the words with the tiles, then Grace copied them into her writing journal.




Grace worked on her calendar and weather binder, and drew a picture of her favorite recent activity – blowing bubbles at the science museum. I didn’t take a photo, but she wrote below the drawing and we sounded out the word bubbles and she got the “bubbl” part by herself! Joy worked on a magnet maze.



The girls both did a few pages in their workbooks.


We headed outside and read lots of farm theme books in the hammock. The girls got in the sandbox (why I vacuumed the second and third time) and Joy helped me pull out what was left of the lettuce that we fed the deer with instead of ourselves. I’ll post a list of what books we have on hand tomorrow. Thank goodness for libraries!

When we came back in Grace explored the abacus for a while. I didn’t guide her since it was new, I just let her figure it out.


Grace completed Unit 2 in her Hooked on Phonics app and read the books to me. She is really doing well! We’re still going over sight words and have been reading a chapter of the Little House on the Prairie series each night – we’re over halfway through The Long Winter now. I’m on the fence whether or not I need to formally teach her to read with a curriculum, or let her continue to figure it out on her own. I’m hoping to find a happy medium.


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