Last week

We were all over the place last week! I just did not have time to post here while teaching VBS. Here are a few highlights…

We examined the Worm Jar, talked about the tunnels, and released our worms and compost into the garden. (We had friends over in case you see random people in the background of the photos.)

20140616_184848  20140616_184853

We did our workbooks a couple of days, and worked on cutting skills.


Wednesday night was VBS family fun night, complete with bounce houses and sno cones. Grace found a dead bumble bee and wanted to bring it home to look at the lines in its wings under the microscope. (Which we have not done yet. Oops!)


Friday we met friends at a science museum – they were blowing bubbles on the sidewalk as we walked in and Grace got in on the fun!




My husband had been out of town for work, and brought home a gemstone digging kit for Grace – I think he was as excited about it as she was.



Checking out the stones with a magnifying glass.


Brushing off the dust to find quartz.


Reading the book to see what gemstone she found.


And last but not least, a glimpse into Grace’s play – she spent Saturday morning doing this…


This week should be back to normal, whatever that is! I had planned to put unit studies on hold, but after the relaxed week we’ve had I think I’ll try one again and see what happens. This week: Farms.

I am also 90% sure my mother is getting a Spielgaben set for Grace’s birthday in a couple of months. I am so excited!!! Math may get a lot more fun around here!


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