Garden Unit Study: Day 9

I’m not sure if today even counts as a Garden Unit Study, but we’ll pretend like it does.

I started out the day by stealing my husband’s golf tees and letting my children mutilate a piece of styrofoam packaging before sending it on its way. We started out balancing marbles on the golf tees and with one piece of styrofoam, but the 2-year-old made it shake too much for the 4-year-old’s liking, so I grabbed another piece of styrofoam and everyone was happy.

20140612_112814  20140612_113045

20140612_114025  20140612_115135

Grace was entertained by the golf tees longer than Joy, so she worked on an alphabet puzzle for a bit.


We spent some time chasing butterflies. Grace ran inside to grab her butterfly field guide so she could identify the butterflies we were seeing.


We moved on to our calendar binder and workbooks. One page of Joy’s asked her to color a circle blue and color another yellow, then color a larger third one to show that it makes green. After she colored blue and yellow, I asked her what she thought would happen. She wasn’t sure, so I got out paint to show her. I should have used more yellow, because our green was ugly, but at least she understood the process.

20140612_130507  20140612_130522




And here’s where the garden unit comes in: we made garden stones! I was a little hesitant (re: the 2-year-old) when I opened the box and discovered it contained actual broken glass, but she did fine.  There were templates with the kit, but the girls wanted to do their own thing. (Wonder where they get that?!)



We also went out this evening and were treated to the girls singing the months of the year. Repeatedly. I think they’ve got them down. Actually, I’m sure they do.

And a late spring night wouldn’t be complete without catching fireflies outside. Joy would chase them and get so close and then freak out because she didn’t want to touch them. Grace had up to five crawling on her hands and arms at a time. They were everywhere tonight!


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