Garden Unit Study: Day 8

Today went so much better. I’m trying to let go of the notion that we have to “do school” and just let my kids learn. Which is funny, because I’ve said aloud countless times that we’re going to do exactly that. Then I planned a whole lot of activities. Silly me.


We broke out some workbooks, which both girls loved. I asked Grace what she wanted to do, and after looking through the workbook she said she wanted to do workbooks, our calendar binder, and her math and writing journal. And learn about nature. Once Grace chose a workbook, Joy wanted one too. Fortunately we have grandparents who like to spoil our children with educational books and toys, so we had a few laying around.

This morning I had large wooden beads with sticks set out on the table, and they went right for them. (I got the set at a preschool moving sale for 50 cents – it came with pattern cards, but a few of the beads were missing, so I threw out the cards.) Grace pretended the beads were food and she kept serving us all meals.


The beads stayed out and they played with them off and on all day. Joy worked on a prewriting activity with paint and qtips, while Grace worked in her new workbook. (BrainQuest K, I believe.) She did quite a few pages, then also wanted to paint with qtips, right around the time Joy requested her own workbook.


Grace got tired of making little dots, and just started painting lines across the dots. Which was fine with me, since I had planned the activity for Joy anyway. She did mix red and yellow to make orange, and was excited to see the results.


Joy alternated between making dots and just scribbling. She asked for an extra sheet of paper to keep painting with qtips.



Then we went outside and played with worms. We carefully dug them out of the ground, put them on a wet paper towel to observe them with magnifying glasses, held them and put them back in our garden. We probably examined five or six worms. We also checked the progress of our worm jar.

20140611_135124  20140611_135227

20140611_140115  20140611_135241


Before bed we played our Gathering A Garden board game that my mother gave the girls a while ago. Joy is still learning how to sit through a whole board game, so she and my husband are usually a team. But it’s a cute little game.


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