Garden Unit Study: Day 7

I think the garden unit study is losing steam. I’m not sure if I am bored with it, or if Grace is, or if we both are at the same time. She asked today, “can we just go back to learning about nature?” We do a lot of exploring and discovering on our own without “school,” and I think we both would rather get back to that.

We have lazy mornings around here. At some point the girls found flower stickers and I drew a few stems on paper and let them make a garden. Grace added more stems to hers, while Joy just stacked flowers on top of flowers.



We headed outside, watering the garden. We discovered that our green beans had started to grow, and picked the ones that were ready. We talked about how the plant makes a flower first, which becomes a bean, similar to what we had seen the strawberries do. Then they wanted to break one open to see what was inside, and ate a raw bean each before we cooked them for lunch.

20140610_121331  20140610_121437


20140610_121559   20140610_121719


Joy also had to check out the progress of our sunflower hut. The girls are really looking forward to their special hideout! This is a great way to teach patience!


After looking inside the green beans, we decided to look inside a lima bean seed and see what was there. Grace predicted what she would find, then we cut the bean open to see what was really there. (I soaked the bean in water, but it was still hard to cut open and I think I mangled it – we ended up looking up photos online to see what it was supposed to look like. Oops!)

20140610_134957  20140612_000142

While Grace was working on that, Joy was sorting nomenclature cards of garden tools. This was a great activity for her! (This printout was from the Homeschool Creations Garden Preschool Pack.) I kept the words with the pictures on both sets this time, but may cut them for the next time we do it.


Grace moved on to her writing journal, copying our verse for this unit study. Joy worked on tracing rectangles.

20140610_140139  20140610_140403


We all worked together to do a Garden Match activity, from Homeschool Share’s Growing Vegetable Soup unit. They both enjoyed this!


We also did this Garden Graphing activity, which Joy loved helping with. It was turning into a long day, so I asked the questions and filled in the data sheet as they gave the answers rather than having Grace write everything out.



Grace finally begged to just write in her notebook. She was very proud to show me that she had written “be” two different ways, and told me which one was “to just be somewhere” and which was the “bee that says buzz.”


I really have to stop planning and just turn her loose. I think she would learn a lot more on her own without me standing in her way. We are very quickly going to morph into unschoolers. (Which I think was my initial thought, and then I went a little crazy with the awesome free printables that are everywhere!) I’m pretty indecisive by nature, so instead of making a choice on what to do I just like to do all of it. I am working on that! I think I will end up learning as much as they do on this journey.


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