Garden Unit Study: Day 6

Yesterday, a Sunday, Grace asked if we could have school. So we did an absorption experiment with celery and food coloring. The girls loved pouring water into their glasses. (Grace chose red, Joy chose blue, I chose purple.)

20140608_150740  20140608_150755

Then we added a few more drops of food coloring.

20140608_150830  20140608_150833

And had a quick snack.


And since I had cut the celery, we did an art print with what was left.

20140608_151840  20140608_151857 20140608_152019 20140608_152542

We left the celery in the water for 24 hours, and this was the result:

20140608_151306  20140609_121854

Pretty cool! Then we cut the celery (I let my children use a knife, hand over hand for the two-year-old) and tore it into pieces to see what the inside looked like.



This morning my mom watched the little ones while I attended a cousin’s high school graduation ceremony. Mom is a 4H agent, so I feel like she did school with the girls before I even got back home! They did a nutrition lesson, and made meals using Melissa & Doug’s Make A Meal sticker pad. Grace also asked to teach my mom some lessons, and made sentences in her notebook.

But they still wanted to have school when I got home. First Grace finished her Life Cycle of a Plant booklet since the paint was now dry. She traced the words and we put the pages in order together, then read the book. Joy worked on a color-by-dot page, again supplied by my mother this morning. (Thanks mom!)



Today’s Writing Journal was a beanstalk worksheet. I adapted it to drawing a sight word card, saying the word, then writing it on a leaf to climb the beanstalk.

20140609_132040 20140609_132658

While working on that with Grace, I also did a counting worksheet with Joy. She counted the pictures, recognized the number and circled it. I did not expect her to be able to do this without a lot of help, but she did!


I drew lines on a piece of paper to divide it by 10. We all counted the number of beans to match the numbers I had written on the paper. (Note: This would have been much better on a table. Joy kept swiping her feet into it and knocking beans all over the place. We had lots of practice counting over and over and over…)


I asked Grace to do three addition problems by rolling a die and writing down the number, making a + sign, rolling another number, adding an = and then counting the beans from each number to add them together. She loved this so much she asked to keep going after three problems. Joy kept busy with our sensory bin while Grace added the beans.





Later, Grace played her Hooked on Phonics game. We lucked out and got an email from a friend telling us the app was free for one day only, and were able to download it. It’s a great learning tool, and fun for Grace. She asks to play it all the time.


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