Garden Unit Study: Day 5

I started off Friday morning by going to a preschool moving sale. I spent more money than I intended (but not too much!) and got some really great deals on things we will definitely use. A couple of my favorite finds…

20140606_102642 20140606_163727

Once I got home, we headed to a local farm to pick strawberries. My husband is off work every other Friday, so I’m hoping to reserve those for field trip days.

As soon as we got there, the girls took off chasing butterflies, and Grace caught one.


Then we headed out to the strawberry field. Joy liked cheesing for the camera.

20140606_121201  20140606_121813

20140606_122501  20140606_122756



And the trip wasn’t complete without rock candy and a trip through the tunnel.

20140606_125239 20140606_125804

When we got home I went out to water the garden and found one lone strawberry in our own strawberry patch. Grace came out and picked it. We also had a (very) few raspberries, which Joy took care of.

20140606_144935  20140606_144940

I bought this Melissa and Doug Daily Calendar, so we are using this and then recording the calendar information in our binder. We skipped the Writing and Math Journals, and went straight to playtime. I made a sensory bin with black beans representing the dirt, and a few plastic vegetables from our play kitchen. I added a shovel, wooden spoon and a couple of measuring cups. The girls played with this several times throughout the day. After planting the vegetables (burying them in the beans), then harvesting them, they put them in the mixing bowl to make vegetable soup. (And a bit of a mess with the beans!)





Next week I think I’ll use the beans for counting and addition also. The sensory bin was a last minute idea, but there’s quite a bit I can do with it. I do much better without a plan. I’m hoping to go more “unschool” this week and see how that works. Grace is such an eager learner, and asks so many questions and makes so many connections and discoveries on her own, I really just want to get out of the way and let her lead.


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