Garden Unit Study: Day 4

The girls asked to paint today, so instead of starting off with our binder and journals I gave Grace The Life Cycle of a Plant to paint. I was going to have her trace the words and read it together today, but some of the paint took a while to dry, so we’ll do that tomorrow. I am going to mix up the sequence and see if she can put the pages in order.

And I have to say, this photo makes me happy. My girls working side by side is exactly what I pictured when I purchased this table.



Joy has been asking for more work as she sees Grace absorbed in her work, so I found these adorable alphabet coloring pages from Mr. Printables. This is probably the best painting Joy has ever created – she usually throws a color on the page and is finished.


Even so, she finished way before Grace, so I found scrap construction paper, cut out some squares, rectangles and triangles and handed her a glue stick and blank paper. That seemed to do the trick. We talked about shapes and colors as she glued them to the page.



For Grace’s writing journal prompt today, I cut some magazine pages down to a more manageable size and she cut the letter B or b and glued it to the page. She really enjoyed this. I will definitely do it again with another letter, and probably add gathering items from the house that start with that letter.

20140605_142833 20140605_144350

We did go back and color in the rest of the 100s grid from yesterday, skip counting by 2s. Grace and I talked about even and odd numbers, as well as the pattern that was made by coloring every other square.


Then I added a prompt to the math journal, “I can draw a red square and a blue square. I can add them together.” Grace understands addition, but I’m not sure we’ve ever said “add them together” before. So I asked her how many blue squares there were, and she drew the 1 underneath. I added the + sign. I repeated the step with the red square and then added the = sign. She wrote the 2 without hesitation.


The girls still wanted to paint, so we settled on the do-a-dot numbers. Grace added tally marks to hers on her own.




We watered the garden (which we do several times a day – not part of our homeschool unit) then climbed on the trampoline to play Patient Polly Throws a Bally from the Kids of Integrity Patience lesson. We adapted the end of the rhyme so that it didn’t include a treat (I know, no fun!) so I just ended with “Then it’s time to go.” We had several opportunities to talk about patience when throwing a ball with a two-year-old!



These days seem to go by so fast! I really like having the structure to our day. Mornings are very relaxed and play-filled, and then after lunch I try to keep some order and “do school.” My ultimate goal is just to learn as we go without there being an obvious school time, but this is working for now. I think it’s good for the summer, because we don’t want to be outside during the hottest part of the day. It’s nice to have a schedule and activities lined up to fill that time.



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