Garden Unit Study: Day 3

We started off this morning with our binder calendar work. I did not keep track of where I found everything, but some of the pages came from Mama’s Learning Corner. Here are some very poor quality photos of the binder…

20140604_230243 20140604_230250



It has been a little confusing being one day off from the calendar when we count our days of school, but next week we’ll be off even more so maybe it won’t be as tricky.

Then we moved on to Math and Writing Journals. Since the girls were in preschool last year, this is mainly a review for Grace. I did notice that I need to work with her to choose which letter to circle as the “best one” – I would have chosen a different B than she did, and I need to tell her why.


I’m not sure Grace felt well today – we skip counted by 2’s to ten, and then she asked to lay down for a bit. I think tomorrow we will finish the entire chart to 100 so she can see the pattern made from counting by 2’s. (Even numbers.)

20140604_230951 20140604_230955

After a short break we began to make our worm jar. I found the instructions here at Homeschool Creations. I let them hammer a nail into the lid and take it back out for air holes, and I think that may have been their favorite part! These pictures make it look like Joy was watching and not as involved, but I believe she did more hammering than Grace! I was just helping her more and unable to photograph it. We headed outside, and the girls loved scooping sand, dirt and mulch into the jar, then finding the worms – they love worms. We put some greens from the garden on top and sealed the jar. Hopefully the worms will get to work and we will see results soon! After a couple of weeks we’ll return the composted soil and worms to our garden.

20140604_113422  20140604_115234

20140604_115445  20140604_120001

20140604_120029 20140604_120040


After the worms were sealed up, Joy watered the herb garden while Grace had a seat on our logs and “read” a book. She loves to choose chapter books and make up stories based on the cover.



We recited our memory verse – “Be patient, bearing with one another in love.” (Ephesians 4:2b) And it would be a missed opportunity if we didn’t include Adam and Eve in our garden unit. I used the b&w version of this Adam and Eve mini book from Christian Preschool Printables. Joy worked on tracing lines and reading her garden book from yesterday to me several times while Grace colored this book. (And yes, there was an outfit change somewhere in here…)



After that we played From a Seed from This Reading Mama’s garden pack. I cut the game pieces in long strips and then Grace cut each piece out. I wasn’t sure how Joy would do, so I only printed one game board and let them take turns. They both loved this game so much, I might print a second game set and let them each cover their own board. It was over too fast taking turns on one game board. They played this game at least four times. Pretty quickly Grace picked up on the number she rolled without counting the dots – she would roll and immediately say “four!” without counting up to four. Then Grace made up her own game, rolling the die and taking that number of crayons out of our crayon box. Once all the crayons were out of the box, she rolled the die to put them back in.


20140604_143924  20140604_144011



We ended the day piled on the couch reading books from our Garden book list. Grace has Ten Seeds memorized and read it to Joy and I. We read a few other books, then read The Carrot Seed. Grace asked if the main character was Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon. She went to get her copy of Harold, and we learned that Crockett Johnson illustrated both books. She decided that the boy from the Carrot Seed must either be Harold grown up or Harold’s older brother. I love when she makes those connections on her own!


It was another great day, and we are finding our rhythm quickly. I’m still trying to gain confidence that I’m doing this right since we aren’t using a curriculum, but I’m happy to go at their pace.


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